The Heart and Mind

Her mind knew everything
rewound it over and over
knew it was right and true
and what needed to be

But your mind
doesn’t talk to your heart
or rule it
or make it obey
there is no communication
between the two

Except when the mind
can’t turn off the memories

Because when that happens
every feeling ever felt
is there in the heart
pounding and pounding
in time with the realities
of what was
what used to be
what was your life
for a time

The heart has a valve
but it is always open
letting feelings in
but never pushing them out
and the heart
is what keeps us alive
feeling keeps us alive
and I’ll take that any day
over what my mind says



5 thoughts on “The Heart and Mind

  1. beautiful. you are very sexy, sensual and sensitive. but a man is not nor never can be a woman anymore than a penis a vagina. not even a dildo is a penis. we are all human. kudos!


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