Not the Usual

Not poetry here.   Just, you know, kind of a Ok I’m going to write some shit.

I’m drinking homemade amaretto, yummy by the way, after wine and beer earlier today.  Yeah, I kind of had a “me do whatever day.” *fist pump in air*

When your day starts with going to dentist, and he fills your cavity without numbing you–and nothing hurt you at all–you know you fricking rock the day.  And take advantage.

A lake.  Then lunch. Chatting with people who don’t know me at a little dive place I have come to love. All the while thinking, writing, feeling like I can do me “alone” and absolutely love it. And I wrote good stuff.  I tell myself that.  So I’ll just believe it.

Trying to make myself into something I don’t really know yet.  But hey, it’s cool.  And I’m smiling.  What can’t be good about that!



14 thoughts on “Not the Usual

  1. Col says:

    That is all it takes is some ‘me’ time…. clear your head gather your thoughts…..’FTW’ and do what’s right for you.

    You deserve the best life has to offer and don’t you forget that Miss Fantasy 🌹🌹

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