Let’s Kill “Disappointment”


I wish there was no such word–DISAPPOINTMENT.  It needs to go away-disappear-be gone forever.

This word tears at hearts, ripping them to shreds sometimes.  Other times, it simply makes a heart sink.  Maybe slowly, like a balloon famished for air; maybe like an anchor thrown to deep depths.

It kills hopes for someone.  It kills that fluttery feeling that something is going “to be.” It kills a thrill thriving for days inside you in suspense of possibility.  Maybe, consistently, it kills what was once good. Done enough, it evilly, slowly, painfully makes something die inside.

But as much as a person wants, he/she cannot keep it from happening.  It always involves another human being. That, we cannot control.

If I could, I would kill DISAPPOINTMENT with my bare hands.




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