Thought Train

via Daily Prompt: Ruminate


Ever have those days where you just think and feel too much? They can be killers.  Feeling trapped in a vicious cycle of over and over when all you want to do is say STOP! Let me off this high speed train of thoughts.  Stifle these tangled feelings and free me.  

And then comes the next day.  Calmed, breathing easily again, and a mind cleared from the chains of yesterday. 

I’ll never understand my mind or my heart.  But I’ll live with them in hopes they don’t completely jail me for life and allow me prison breaks every now and then.





5 thoughts on “Thought Train

  1. Col says:

    Wow…… I just read this after I posted my ‘shadow’ piece…… this is exactly how I am feeling ATM…….however haven’t hit the calm or reset days…
    God bless you for your beautiful evocative emotive words.


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