Discover My Treasure


I want you

to spread me open

dive inside

explore every secret corner

discover bits and pieces

in dark recesses

others passed by without a thought

wander slowly

with  purpose and excitement

smiling at revelations

beneath my petals

swim deep into 

my soul’s estuary

daring the unknown

like no others

brandishing courageous desire

to be the one

who finds the treasure



Ph| PInterest


9 thoughts on “Discover My Treasure

  1. This one I find especially moving. On the surface it is about as sexy and hot a piece of writing as you can get… but it seems to wrap an erotic veneer around something much more significant. Like someone looking for another soul to love so wholly and deeply that the only way to fully express the connection physically… does that make any sense?

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    1. Makes sense. It is much deeper than just the erotic connection two can feel. She wants a connection never felt but wants through the two of them physically together. Dang, I like how you think about things. Thank you!

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      1. Reading the whole of your writing there is a clear sense of the erotic connection being something more than just lust, but something that is driven by something craving deeper inside and it makes for some beautiful and thoughtful sensual poetry. Very happy to be reading along here.

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  2. thesentinel334 says:

    What a way to connect…. stop and smell the petals…..savour the taste of your inner being….. go intellectually deep….lasts a lifetime….anchor red thread around your heart and explore…..leaving a trail…….


    This is amazing Miss Fantasy

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