What Would It Say?

via Daily Prompt: Label

swings couple

I asked 

if he had to label me

so others understood

what would the label say?

He said it would read,

“Here lies a world

where flowers dance

to music of sunstorms

where dreams float unhurried

in ships unsailed before

where passion sensually speaks 

across skin begging for poetry

where reality touches

what you always believed unreal.”




15 thoughts on “What Would It Say?

  1. Dancer… Matching the lead, able to match any intensity without surpassing. Gliding, step by step, toe to toe, cheek to cheek, waist to waist. Poetic in her movements that you would otherwise love to watch, but you can’t now lest you lose the rhythem. Rising up and down, a beautiful Waltz, together. She knows plenty of other dances as well.

    Sorry…. Something like this came up the other day. It reminded me of this post. I was trying to recapture it here.

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