Not My Age

via Daily Prompt: Chuckle


Sitting here on the eve of a birthday, I almost have to chuckle.  I am certainly not as old as tomorrow is going to tell me.  WTF? There is no way those 2 numerals define me.  And how did they even get up that high? 

After a certain age, I don’t think I ever “felt” my age.  According to everyone around me, I’ve never acted it either. (Hand clap for me)  Some of my best friends are 10 years younger than me–and they hang with me and like me! Maybe that’s part of my not believing the numbers that glare at me like a ticking clock.

I’ve seen some people my age act even older or look older than my age, and it scares the shit out of me.  I can’t even do my own age! I actually just do what I “feel,” because to me that’s how I stay alive. 

I told my kids years ago they cannot call me old until I am 80.  I think that’s fair.  

And I loved how today one of them said, “Mom,  you don’t have to say your age tomorrow.  Just say I’m 30 plus *** years.  




16 thoughts on “Not My Age

  1. haha…I totally get this! Yesterday a dr told me I looked 15 years younger than what I was and I tell you, like you, that’s the way I feel inside. I feel no desire to act my age. Life is to be lived not counted down. So I will celebrate your 30 plus years tomorrow and wish many years of shenanigans for you. x

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