Beguiling Control


Feel me now

as I think of you

from afar

that tingle on your skin

coming from nowhere

except your mind

because I am there

controlling you

your body

you can’t escape

my grasp

too beguiling

clutching every sense

with a seduction

leaving you

at my mercy

in grips

of my carnal power



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5 thoughts on “Beguiling Control

  1. you cannot control me
    nor patrol my mind or body
    i am not that kind of man
    i like you
    i respect
    i elect
    not to detect
    the depths
    of your lament
    may you be
    from the inside
    dear beth!

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  2. the mind wanders and captured
    swimming down a water fall
    discovers how deep waters flow
    as he succumbs to all
    she wraps around him
    more than flesh, an entire soul
    swallowing sorrow with passion
    unbridled, needed, wanted


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