He Gives

This is writing in response to S Francis sailorpoet.com who wrote in response to my post “Luring Me” a few days ago.  Haven’t done this much on the blog but giving it a try.

subltle touches

Subtle touches

of lips and tongue

across delicate fruit

laid open for him

swirling thoughts

freely shared

with her body

as a lover

who gives more

than takes



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17 thoughts on “He Gives

  1. Oh hi! Very nice… let me see…

    if this forbidden fruit
    will be the last taste
    before the garden
    gets stolen back from us
    then, each bite, each drip
    of sweet juice, each swallow
    matters more than the breath
    that gasps looking up at the moon
    smiling, knowing what day hides
    behind light and costumes
    the hidden that which lives
    on spiting marching time

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      1. First though… I am going to simply enjoy the responses… live inside them for a while. Makes me happy, and I hope you a little too. Like a bit of warm sun for a winter heart.

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