Wild and Tender

via Daily Prompt: Tender


She liked wild sex

rough and tumble


fast and furious

on the floor

against the wall

bent over the couch


But she also liked it

tender and slow

all night long

lips and hands

taking time

working magic

until dawn

lovemaking as art


She didn’t want one

she wanted both

needed both

to be true 

to who she was




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9 thoughts on “Wild and Tender

  1. TheSentinel334 says:

    The art of making love by MidWest Fantasy….. now there is the title for your new poetry book.

    Slow and sensual knee trembler as she grips you like a cicada does a tree…..

    Fast and furious , full of passion, fuelled by lust and craving….

    You can have it all, you deserve it all, and at the same time.

    Perfect Miss Fantasy….perfect


    Liked by 2 people

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