Unbuttoning Her True Self


With each word he read

her pretense

slipped further down


one at a time

each quiet fear

disrobing slowly

the modesty

shyly hiding

under flowing fabrics

brushing her skin

undressing gently

inhibitions her conscience

strived to keep covered


at last

the sensuous center

of the woman

born anew




Ph|Markus Jans



14 thoughts on “Unbuttoning Her True Self

  1. He stood ill prepared for her opening
    Each button undone like a knife slicing
    Contents of a letter that had been lost
    At sea, the wind picking it to test strength
    When sails wouldn’t do. He held the oar fast
    Steering the boat towards its landing place
    At her feet. He had nothing to ask her standing
    Like an invitation to his shy soul seeking solace
    Sliced open with the knife undoing each button
    Opening her consciousness, at last standing still.

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