12 thoughts on “Waltz Across My Skin

  1. TheSentinel334 says:

    Taking her in his arms
    Brooding tension
    As feet glide
    Tempo Building
    Swirling dress
    Legs intersect
    Breath heavy
    Chests heave
    Pupils locked
    Subliminal moves
    Heels mark
    Her territory
    Symbiotic Bodies
    Souls entwined
    Pasa doblè
    The crescendo
    Blood coursing
    Veins popping
    Svelte muscles
    Burn fiercely
    Melodic symphony
    Climactic eruption
    Fused together
    Lips locked
    Consuming passion
    ‘I’ve missed you’

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      1. theSentinel334 says:

        I thank you so much for that wonderful compliment, means the world coming from such a perfect writer such as yourself .🙏🙏🌹

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