You Taught My Heart

you taught

You taught my heart

how to

open closed doors

find niches unoccupied

sneak into spaces small and unassuming

wander unknown paths without fear

discover loves never thought to be

hang onto the past while embracing the future

see infinite space for all the possibilities

of heartbeats yet to come






12 thoughts on “You Taught My Heart

  1. My Dear Beth!!! I am really loving the poems coming from your new writing space and the new part of your heart and soul that you are finding and sharing with us!! This is so AWESOME!!! One of my favorites. Another addition to your Best of Beth! Bellissimo, Beth Bellissimo!!

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      1. OOhh, and now I’m blushing! You are too kind and sweet to me, Dear Beth! And I think you may be confusing me with your hero in your new novel??? LOL!! I will aspire to that lofty goal and always remember your lovely words, whispered to me!

        Honestly, you have come to bloom into such an Awesome Love poet! Haven’t gotten to my email yet but will look forward to chit-chat and banter, My Dear!!!

        Happy you “Let Me”!

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