Where You Were

I sit here

because you

used to sit here

with me

middle of afternoon

maybe eveningĀ 

unassuming place

far from other lives

and other eyes

tiny world

our world

our place

you and me

wine and whiskey

eyes speaking

what our bodies missed

what our bodies needed

knowing the next placeĀ 

was where

we’d unleash

what we couldn’t

anywhere else




This milestone…

never will do again

never have to again

don’t want to again

is freeing


and downright shout-worthy

as I drink in deep red

grin like a girl with a Valentine

know I was good and very, very good

and now, soon,

will be able to

let it all go

because I know

I made a difference


for someone




Puzzle of Me

I don’t know who I am anymore

I lay in bits and pieces

Scattered among all the people I care about

And I cannot gather them into one pile

To see how they fit together

Pieces unwilling to connect

Even though striving to

Like magnets drawn yet resisting

This puzzle of me

Trying and trying to match edges with another

Yet which piece jigsaws with me?

More than one comes close

But that big box sits there

Full of choices

And I try and try and try

Until I walk away