“Sinister Seduction”


blindfold 1


the luscious darkness

titillating air

eerily runs over my skin

silence rings loudly

anticipation knocks

with rapid fire beats

restrained by

your sinister seduction

I lie still


out of control

halting and racing



fogged in libidinous mist

wandering without a path

inner voices

teasing senses

dirty, sexy secrets

writhing through my core

hips twist

with lusting eagerness

my body drips

need now ardent

blinded and breathless

I impatiently wait

at the edge

plan for me

in your hands





Bound to Her Desires


He shivers

anticipation of unknown

clawing under his skin

blindfold in place

wrists and ankles cuffed

spread wide

at her mercy

relishing in the gift

of her mystery and seduction


He jolts

senses switched on high

as drips

of frozen water

roll down his neck

slowly trail across

his beating chest

lustful desire risen

strong and bold

twitching with carnal need

to be engulfed in her

any way this seductress



His mind fogs

his body vulnerable

dark conscience

flinging morals aside

he tugs

with want of freedom

to touch her

but denied

by her chains

of dominance


Breaths heavy


the only sound

filling the room

until his gasping growl erupts

her lips

finally taking hold

possessing him

with ardent fever

scorching his iced body

contrasting senses

rocketing him

to the edge

where she refuses

to let him fall…





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Driving the Curves


I wind along the curves of the road

I drive so many times

every curve teasing me

as thoughts of you

caressing my own curves

infiltrate my mind

my body feeling you

before I even see you

my heart hearing your voice

before you open the door

overwhelming sensations

of our bare passion

clenching my insides

with need I can’t control

breaths coming quicker

recalling the feel of your warm whispers

on my ears and neck

softly seducing 

my every sense

my every fiber

and I cannot wait

to park this car

and run inside to you