Our Tryst #AprilFalls


Alone we dance

in the deep of secrets

a tryst in time

where clocks refuse to tick

air stands sentinel still

you kiss me

as if

no other lips

exist to honor yours

and you lavish

every treasure of yourself

upon a willing, begging me

who has just

been given




Ph| Pinterest

Secrets Beneath Her Skin


What kept secrets

hide beneath that skin?

How deep

do you bury

nights where desire

ruled each minute

of naked truths

and breaths

took on a life

of their own?

Where do you stow

lust’s prurient deeds

that filled afternoons

where wine flowed with wild

and no one was home

to hear the carnal cries?

Under what part of you

lie blistering salacious stories

most only dream

of being a part?

What kept secrets

hide beneath that skin?



Ph| Park Photography