Her Summer Breeze



He felt her

summer breeze

wrapping him

like a daisy chain

of innocence

simple beauty

eliciting smiles

his face

had long forgotten






Disturbingly Pretty

disturbingly pretty

He caught

her disturbingly pretty eyes

in a glance

causing him

to stumble

color defying words

lure he could taste

upon lips dry with need

fumbling like a schoolboy

words escaped his mind

only audible sound

the thumping of his heart

and somehow

she heard


and curled her finger

saying “Come here”





Pearl in Lace Dreams

pearl and lace

He watched her shimmer

a pearl in moonlight’s kiss

draped in lace dreams

vision of unearthly beauty

radiant as a sonnet

spoken in hushed tones

a woman whose soul

he craved to touch

with his own






His Sunflower for #Poetry Challenge week 91


Amidst lilac tufts

and rose petals

his lady bloomed

as the sunflower



brazen gold glory


to her own beat

in her own light




(This is a free verse poem written for the Poetry Challenge Week 91 prompt Lady and Highlights offered by

#Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 91 – Lady & Highlights

I used free verse as opposed to another form because that is how my writing flows and works best for me.  I admire those who can adhere to strict form!)

His Beautiful Gift

I watched the sunrise

awaken the valley

of her nude beauty

picturesque landscape

I have traversed and loved

so many morns and nights

and I thanked the gods

for offering me

nature’s most beautiful gift~






Another piece where I write from the point of view of a male.  I still like doing this and hope it doesn’t seem odd.  It’s just that I wish so many times for a man to feel, think, or act like my words. My guess is, many of you men do.  And women thank you for that.

Painted Pink

via Daily Prompt:

painting toes1

I watched her through the window


she didn’t know

she didn’t have a care

lost in her own girly world

painting her perfect toes

a different shade of pink

than last week

but always pink

like her personality

bobbing her head

singing along

to those country songs

she loves

and I have no need for

a picture of pure beauty

although she never thinks

that’s what she is


in every way

every day

to me

she is





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(I sometimes like to write from a man’s perspective.  Maybe it’s because I’d like a man to think or feel this way.  Maybe it’s because I think a man’s viewpoint is sexy.  Maybe it’s because I wish someone would think and feel that way about me.  Whatever it is, I like writing from different perspectives.)