Painted Pink

via Daily Prompt:

painting toes1

I watched her through the window


she didn’t know

she didn’t have a care

lost in her own girly world

painting her perfect toes

a different shade of pink

than last week

but always pink

like her personality

bobbing her head

singing along

to those country songs

she loves

and I have no need for

a picture of pure beauty

although she never thinks

that’s what she is


in every way

every day

to me

she is





Ph| Pinterest

(I sometimes like to write from a man’s perspective.  Maybe it’s because I’d like a man to think or feel this way.  Maybe it’s because I think a man’s viewpoint is sexy.  Maybe it’s because I wish someone would think and feel that way about me.  Whatever it is, I like writing from different perspectives.)  


Bathing Me

bath Hansen

You drew the bath

with cherry blossom bubbles

of scented warmth

not for two

just for me

you wanted it all

about me


I slid into the suds

breathing deeply

in thoughts

of the erotic experience

with you


Your strong, gentle hands

bathed my skin

with I adore you touches

a reverence of worship

I felt unworthy of


My mind lost its way

as your fingers

found their way

over every soapy curve

yours for following

as long as you chose

any way you chose


You curled

a wet wisp of blonde

behind my ear

bent in near

whispered low and sultry

“This is only the beginning love…”




Ph| Jan Hansen