Smeared Life

Smeared Life

You splashed

      across my mind

smeared colors

     of once clear days

abstract nothingness

     of what was once something

blurred thoughts

    of our life washed away



April 2019

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(Written for the Tuesday Writing Prompt “Blurred thoughts” at Go Dog Go Cafe.  Visit and read more!)



Multi-colored Me

via Daily Prompt: Abstract



I am an abstract of multi-colored feelings.  Once I breathe in the morning, my mind runs after my heart full speed.  They want to play together but too often fight.  The two swirl my colors, splashing and mixing them without permission.  Me, dizzy, wondering if all will turn out beautiful or clash in torturous ugliness.  Who chooses the colors is a daily battle sometimes playful, sometimes cruel.  I never know by end of day if I’ll be worthy of hanging on someone’s wall.