Forbidden Chance


Who really am I?

What makes

my blood flow

desires burn

passion spill

into the streets I walk?


One day

my courage opened

a forbidden door

the flame inside me


allowed at last

to burn

in ways it always yearned

fear ran away with the wind

confidence held my hand

and the real me

lived her life

and inked her pages

with the breaths

of her heart and soul

never regretting

one minute of it



September 2019




Your warm breath

blanketing my neck

goosebumps rising

on eager flesh


summer breeze

inviting me

bare my skin of truth

and soul

open who I am

to your heart

and longing lips

and impatient hands

let go fears

and doubts

embrace the beauty

of desire and need

our inner selves beg

of each other


I inhale

the wind’s advice

shed the binds

of mind and past

free the hidden ache

and all of me

becomes now yours




Discover My Treasure


I want you

to spread me open

dive inside

explore every secret corner

discover bits and pieces

in dark recesses

others passed by without a thought

wander slowly

with  purpose and excitement

smiling at revelations

beneath my petals

swim deep into 

my soul’s estuary

daring the unknown

like no others

brandishing courageous desire

to be the one

who finds the treasure



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