Perfume of Her

via Daily Prompt: Fragrance

her scent

Her scent

should have been

warning enough

fragrance of sensuality

dipped in sweet seduction

dizzying attraction

gripping him

with fingers of electricity

lighting up senses

he didn’t know existed

but now burned to feel

with her skin against his

inhaling every drip

of perfumed enticement

she offered




Deliciously Edible

via Daily Prompt: Edible


He peered behind her eyes

licking his lips

at the hidden seduction

stirrings low in his gut

making him shift his stance

“Now,” she said,

“your eyes may travel

all the way down…”

Obeying, as always,

his eyes scrolled from her face

beheld every edible inch

of her sugar fine skin

then he breathed deeply

and humbly asked,

“May I undo my belt now?”




Oh the Sinning…

via Daily Prompt: Commit


Oh the sins

and other bad shit

I commit

as I sit here

topless on my deck

writing and drinking a mojito


Sin #1 for the day:

–Nudity in the neighborhood

Sin #2:

–Day drinking

Sin #3:

–Not giving a shit that I’m committing sins

It’s a good Saturday!

And I feel more sins stirring

as the day is early…




Pic courtesy of Moorea Beach Club, Las Vegas

Wild and Tender

via Daily Prompt: Tender


She liked wild sex

rough and tumble


fast and furious

on the floor

against the wall

bent over the couch


But she also liked it

tender and slow

all night long

lips and hands

taking time

working magic

until dawn

lovemaking as art


She didn’t want one

she wanted both

needed both

to be true 

to who she was




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Painted Pink

via Daily Prompt:

painting toes1

I watched her through the window


she didn’t know

she didn’t have a care

lost in her own girly world

painting her perfect toes

a different shade of pink

than last week

but always pink

like her personality

bobbing her head

singing along

to those country songs

she loves

and I have no need for

a picture of pure beauty

although she never thinks

that’s what she is


in every way

every day

to me

she is





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(I sometimes like to write from a man’s perspective.  Maybe it’s because I’d like a man to think or feel this way.  Maybe it’s because I think a man’s viewpoint is sexy.  Maybe it’s because I wish someone would think and feel that way about me.  Whatever it is, I like writing from different perspectives.)