Her Promises


It was in the dark

her promises birthed life

he, the recipient

of what masked as words

in daylight

became under the moon

elaborate fingertip touches

alive on his skin

lips soft as summer

speaking not words

but love language

his entire body understood

she watched her promises

take shape on him

seductive, lovely, inviting

an excitement stirring her

like no other

and she knew

with certainty

her promises were gold



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Where It Happens

wine candle

Night.  Dark.  Silence.  Candlelight, wine, and me. This is where it happens.  Introspective, wild, daring thought that can’t come play in daytime. No one is watching.  No one is asking.  No one is over my shoulder looking. Secretively delightful in such a naughty, daring way. Sly smiles of this is a me none know, as I cuddle up with a blanket and grins of hell I am on fire.  Dare of dark luring me to let loose and breathe words. A moment where I smile in the satisfaction of no one knowing what my mind writes–except me.