Taste of Your Laugh

Taste of Laugh

The taste of your laugh

lingers on my lips

honeyed memory of happy

those sunshine days spent in smiles

and each other’s arms

worries of life

tucked under blankets

as we danced on top

chardonnay afternoons

drinking in each other

every moment

a sacred tick of the clock

heart thumping euphoria

needing no playground

except our skin

where we spun and ran

with passions of our souls

delighting in dares

of never before tried escapades

often ending in gasps

and then my giggle

and then yours…

Oh how I still taste your laugh

every day






Afternoon at the Bar

Only 3 of us here

outdoor bar

2 girls 1 guy

3 o’clock Thursday afternoon

gorgeous non-humid

Midwest weather

and I giggle

as all 3 heads are down

buried in phones

I am the only one

with paper and pen

in front of me

because it’s what I do

drink wine



and then

of course

I am the one

who starts talking

because dammit

people are interesting