Creation of Heart

via Daily Prompt: Ordinary

Her Heart

Her heart

created by

moon splashes of deep feeling

star shots of daffodil desire

milky ways of swirling love

all put together

and rhythmically beating

a song to her soul


you will never love

in any ordinary way

because you

were destined for more



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Roll Me In This

She lived for nights

I do.  I absolutely do.  And truthfully, I do not understand people who don’t.  Once you imbibe and roll yourself in these, you’ll never go back.  Never want less. The feelings naked kisses flutter over your skin, unasked for and uncontrolled. The romance of him noticing, buying your favorite wine, having it poured when you arrive. Giddy giggles as he entwines his fingers as says he loves your hair. Pounding hearts that almost strip clothes off bodies without your help and crash into wrestling grips of each other on the closest chair or simply the floor. This is…how I live.




Control Freak


Weather controls me, and I hate him.  I am completely at his mercy, and today he gave none. Windy with total grayness.  That was today.  That was my mood. And there was no escaping it. It wrapped me in a blanket of misery so tightly I couldn’t even fight to get free. There wasn’t a single ounce of light ever to crack through today’s blah.

This control freak even dominates my writing. Everything on the page today seems somber gray with a side of heartache.  I guess I am easy prey for this beast.  He has swallowed my heart and smile–at least for today.  Maybe tomorrow he’ll serve up sunshine with happiness dessert.






What to Feel

It’s a funny thing about feelings. They are your own and no one else’s.  Yet there are societal rules about how you should feel.  Or what you should do with those feelings.  You’re supposed to feel this–and not to feel this.  And I say, “Fuck it.”  I am the only one who controls me, my feelings, my heart, my soul. Life is too short not to feel the way I want–so I will.