Scent of Woman

scent of woman


Scent of woman

wrapped around

his fingers

strangling his senses

peeling away his strength

leaving him

with only

admiration and adoration

for such a gift




Ph- Oleksiy Maksymenko


Stain Me

Stain me

My skin

stained with lines

of poetry

from your tongue

flesh burning

under desire you write

across collarbones

and curves

and core

words I’ve never felt

yet ache to feel

over and over

write me

burn me

stain me

with the ink

of man’s lust to please



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Hallelujah Chorus of Love

Flutter of his lips

like angel wings blessing her body

with Heavenly erotic prayers


On bended knees

he adored and worshipped

her entire entity


She–sensing his holy power

on every curve

and unknown road of skin


He–building her belief

in a power

higher than just touch



their hallelujah chorus

of love

shattered the silence

of the sanctuary




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