Unsavory Thoughts


Unsavory thoughts

tangled within veins

twisting my core

knotted lust

filling me

impatience surging

inside hallowed hall

where only you

are granted access

and only

with my permission

fists grab sheets

as this body burns

impure pulses

wracking all sanity

my voice

finally screaming your name

the key

to unlock me

and enter



February 2019

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Let Me

let me

His growling, low voice

whispered in my ear–

Open to me

your feminine mystery world

let my tongue

delve your depths

seeking secret doors

hiding ecstasy’s screams

let my tongue

lap arousal’s paths

eliciting sounds

construed only as carnal

let my tongue

flicker slowly

taunting and teasing greedy tip

let my tongue

run wild

pushing you over

spontaneous eruptions

breathless convulsions

climactic scene

I shall sit back

and enjoy

with sated pleasure



January 2019

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