Perfume of Her

via Daily Prompt: Fragrance

her scent

Her scent

should have been

warning enough

fragrance of sensuality

dipped in sweet seduction

dizzying attraction

gripping him

with fingers of electricity

lighting up senses

he didn’t know existed

but now burned to feel

with her skin against his

inhaling every drip

of perfumed enticement

she offered




Deliciously Edible

via Daily Prompt: Edible


He peered behind her eyes

licking his lips

at the hidden seduction

stirrings low in his gut

making him shift his stance

“Now,” she said,

“your eyes may travel

all the way down…”

Obeying, as always,

his eyes scrolled from her face

beheld every edible inch

of her sugar fine skin

then he breathed deeply

and humbly asked,

“May I undo my belt now?”




His Fingertip Journey

fingertip journey

He uses only fingertips


tracing across forehead

then two

outlining sides of my face…


as if afraid to speed

one slinks down neck and breastbone

stopping to tickle belly button…

Then two rough tips winding paths

down both tender, smooth inner arms

ending creating circles

in my palms…

Full five fingers

finding breasts a playground

staying until excitement hardens in joy…

Skipping hipbones and triangle of lips (on purpose)

they dance straight to thighs

which can barely still themselves

in this fingered chorus of erotic delight…

His magic motion slithers all the way down

to where a single finger strokes

each and every toe

before drawing figure 8’s

on bottoms of ticklish feet skin…

Feeling my anticipation

reach its height

he stops

stares into my eyes

and growls,

“Now, it is time

for the finale…”









Primal Passion


Primal urges

ruling our night

my coquettish tease

weakening your strong reserve

hands stripping bare

skin screaming with hot need

salacious mouths and tongues

devouring each other

feeding the fevered hunger

slippery soaked bodies

finally spent and satisfied

leaving in our path

smoke and charred roses

of searing passion



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