Snowfall of You

snowfall 1

Why do I find release

under the snowfall of you?

Soft landing whispers

cold to the touch

yet lighting fires

beneath my skin

every flake

unique piece of you

touching me

melting unfound euphorias

free now

breaking into song

thawing tightly wrapped wishes

unwinding in your hands

stirring energies never known

I beg this blizzard

never end

so alive I may lie down

in the snowfall

of you



January 2019

Ph- Your Tango


Denied the lips

who whispered desires

making her squirm

bereft of his woodsy floral scent

reeling her own senses

lying without warm hands

talking over her body

parched tongue

longing for golden taste

of his essence

elixir needed to stay alive

eyes teared and blurry

unable to see any future

in a room

where she lay alone





(Day 5 of #OctPoWriMo theme Denied)

Tender Invitation

tender invite2

The back of his hand

slowly caressed

down her cheek

his eyes

speaking sonnets of adoration

leaning in

his lips gently brushed

against hers


to what more he could offer

feel of his tender ways

creeping into her veins

reviving heartbeats

she had put to rest

their rhythm building

bubbling beneath her soul

like warm thrills

whispering to her


get on the ride

you won’t be disappointed



Ph-Google Images