Living My Way


between worlds

of Should

and Should Not

I say

Fuck it!

I’ll live

in my world

of Want To

and Do It





Freedom on a Page

Female hands writing on notebook

It was poetry

who taught my heart

she is freedom

on a page


in ink strokes


in short lines

dreams, fears,

loneliness, happiness

heartache, heart swells

any emotion

any time

arranged by only me

my way 

without rules

most of all

she taught me

I am free be me



Ph-Aspire Magazine

His Bare Bride

Crazy Bride

He called her crazy

    and she giggled with glee

    flinging her top off

    for all to see

He drove down the road

    bare bride at his side

    her hands in the air

   enjoying the ride

A honk and a whistle

    oh she got more than one

    he smiled as he watched her

    having sheer naked fun

How lucky am I

    he thought with a grin

    to have married this girl

    who revels in sin

So here’s to the Crazy Ones

    who don’t give a fuck

    if you find one to marry

    godspeed and good luck!