Why Does She Wander?


I wonder where

my heart wanders sometimes

she leaves

without warning

no good-bye

or be back later

I try to follow

wondering what

she’s searching for

why she feels the need

to leave me

what else is out there

that she needs

so badly

she must walk away

for days?




Taking Untraditonal’s Hand




rings not in my vocabulary

it lays dormant

cast aside my life

because it strangled me

tried to shake me into

a perfect puppet

bobbing along

doing what good girls do

the way you’re supposed to do life

but I let Untraditional

take my hand

bring me into the woods

where sinful creatures

galavant in sheer joy

at the freedom of

let’s do it the way we want

and I felt at home





Run With Scissors Because

run w scissors

Run with scissors

   because you’re not supposed to


Say NO when asked

   because you don’t have to


Day drink

   because you simply want to


Go commando

   because it’s freeing


Wear the high heels

   because your legs look great and to hell with pain


Break made up rules

   because who the fuck made them anyway


Love more than one

   because hearts are big and have lots of room


Live how you wish

   because the only rules come from within




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