Not the Usual

Not poetry here.   Just, you know, kind of a Ok I’m going to write some shit.

I’m drinking homemade amaretto, yummy by the way, after wine and beer earlier today.  Yeah, I kind of had a “me do whatever day.” *fist pump in air*

When your day starts with going to dentist, and he fills your cavity without numbing you–and nothing hurt you at all–you know you fricking rock the day.  And take advantage.

A lake.  Then lunch. Chatting with people who don’t know me at a little dive place I have come to love. All the while thinking, writing, feeling like I can do me “alone” and absolutely love it. And I wrote good stuff.  I tell myself that.  So I’ll just believe it.

Trying to make myself into something I don’t really know yet.  But hey, it’s cool.  And I’m smiling.  What can’t be good about that!