His Beautiful Gift

I watched the sunrise

awaken the valley

of her nude beauty

picturesque landscape

I have traversed and loved

so many morns and nights

and I thanked the gods

for offering me

nature’s most beautiful gift~






Another piece where I write from the point of view of a male.  I still like doing this and hope it doesn’t seem odd.  It’s just that I wish so many times for a man to feel, think, or act like my words. My guess is, many of you men do.  And women thank you for that.


Unravel My Gift

whisper softly

Whisper softly

into my ocean eyes of blue

trace every line and curve

with fingertips of an artist


a treasured piece of beauty

unravel me

thread by thread

with every erotic pleasure

you know

until raw lust

opens before you

like a gift