Life’s Wine

Through all of time

we have tasted life’s wine

richness of deep nights

sweetness of sunshine days


we drink all of it in

intoxicate ourselves with each other

savor who we are as one

If we never stop searching

for sips of divine love

every minute will be worth it



July 2020

Written for Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt “if we never”

His Scarlet Rosebud


He caught his breath…

there before him

his scarlet rosebud

amid all others

donned in basic black

strength in her beauty

softness in her smile

still so much left to blossom

in his hands–

He walked over

bowed slightly

touched the small of her back

and the dance began



Feb 2020

(Written for the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt “scarlet rosebud”)

Crushed Dreams


At her feet

crushed dreams

fallen from

her heart

where once upon a time

each beat brought

happiness, fulfillment

energy to the soul

hope, contentment

smile to her face


just broken pieces

scattered trash

thrown away

to die



May 2019

Art- Jared West

(Written for Tuesday Writing Prompt  “crushed dreams”at  Go Dog Go Cafe. )


Somewhere Girl


I am

a somewhere girl…


in-between everyday thoughts

behind dreams’ shadows

atop soul’s hushed yearnings

under sentimental heartbeats


I am

a somewhere girl

and it is in the somewhere

I come to life.



January 2019

Ph-Google Images

(Written in response to the Tuesday Prompt on Go Dog Go Cafe to use “somewhere” at least twice in a poem.  You can still join in!)  #


Snowfall of You


Underneath my heart

hides the snowfall of my mind



fragile thoughts

I cannot stop

from falling

cannot stop

from blanketing my soul

cannot stop

because each one

is of you

patterning my life

with beauty

reminding me

each moment with your love

a unique, rare gift

only the Heavens

could grant me



December 2018

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