My hunger howled

like a storm

fierce with need

to unleash


your body

feeding it

stoking the fires

of my writhing ache

begging me to let go


my release

a fury

of sound and motion

pleasure to

to your ears and eyes

sated gratitude

to my lust



June 2019

Ph-Steve K via Pixels

His Fingertip Journey

fingertip journey

He uses only fingertips


tracing across forehead

then two

outlining sides of my face…


as if afraid to speed

one slinks down neck and breastbone

stopping to tickle belly button…

Then two rough tips winding paths

down both tender, smooth inner arms

ending creating circles

in my palms…

Full five fingers

finding breasts a playground

staying until excitement hardens in joy…

Skipping hipbones and triangle of lips (on purpose)

they dance straight to thighs

which can barely still themselves

in this fingered chorus of erotic delight…

His magic motion slithers all the way down

to where a single finger strokes

each and every toe

before drawing figure 8’s

on bottoms of ticklish feet skin…

Feeling my anticipation

reach its height

he stops

stares into my eyes

and growls,

“Now, it is time

for the finale…”





Ph| weheartit.com