Midnight Kiss

Tonight’s midnight kiss

commitment of love

born from

heavens colliding

when unexpected

stars who touched shyly

then held hands forever

winds who blew the same direction

dancing together along the way

heartbeats who heard one another

in magic’s silence



December 2019


May your midnight bring bright new things for the new year and decade.  Thank you readers for making my past decade bright.


I taste

every word you write

tip of my tongue


with your brilliance

my mouth

longing to kiss

the poetry

called you



July 2019

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(Note:  I haven’t been around here lately as I was taking a much needed break from social media.  But I think I have my mojo finally back!  I have neglected this site the most and hope you still will want to read my words.  I am also looking forward to reading all of you friends again.  Thanks for sticking with me. Love, Beth)