Oh the Sinning…

via Daily Prompt: Commit


Oh the sins

and other bad shit

I commit

as I sit here

topless on my deck

writing and drinking a mojito


Sin #1 for the day:

–Nudity in the neighborhood

Sin #2:

–Day drinking

Sin #3:

–Not giving a shit that I’m committing sins

It’s a good Saturday!

And I feel more sins stirring

as the day is early…




Pic courtesy of Moorea Beach Club, Las Vegas

Being Numb

being numb

Being numb

keeps tears from falling

      in rivers down cheeks

stops aches of the heart

      wanting to creep in on me

quells the tide of emotions

     churning without end

silences sad poetic verses

      crying my feelings

leaves me

where I can

simply float to nowhere

and feel






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Strings of Me

via Daily Prompt: Yarn


You cannot weave me

    into what you want

Hell I can’t even weave myself

    into what I want

Because I’m not sure

    what that is

I am not a pattern

    with precise directions

Nor a nicely laid out

    perfect design

I am more multi-colored strings

    criss crossed randomly

    with high and low points

    twisted pieces

    wound too tightly

    that when pulled too far

    simply unravel

I am yarn that begins one color

    and changes as I wrap

    around and around

    trying to design my life

But maybe I need not design it


    I let life design me