Her Poison

her poison

Her poison

licked his lips

entranced his tongue

flavor of sin and decadence

wrapped in angelic eyes

worming like liquor

into his veins

intoxicating venom of seduction

grip of Satanic pleasure

torturing the last

of his pure thoughts

entrapping his manhood

taking total control

just as she planned



June 2019

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lips 1

The way your lips

whisper my name

nibble down my neck

talk dirty

across my belly

as it shivers uncontrollably

how they breathe passion

like the moon against my skin

then wake me

like warmth of dawn

kissing thighs until slowly opened

when they speak

our lovers’ language

as only we understand

then create of those words

an unreal reality

as your lips press promises

against mine

sealing love in ecstasy’s envelope

I feel in the deepest corners

of my being

their gift

is the only Heaven I need to know




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(Written in response to the Tuesday writing challenge for something you can’t live without on GoDogGoCafe)