Silence in My Heart

Hush of loneliness

the silence in my heart

lost beats


looking for you

in all the places

that used to be ours

calling your name

hoping somewhere


you will answer

once again



March 2020

Ph-Envato Elements

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Sometimes Silence

sometimes silence

Sometimes silence

becomes my breath of salvation

offering everything and anything

abundant pleasure

Sometimes silence

eats me alive

leaving behind

only the smallest of crumbs

Sometimes silence

hears my heartbeat

holds it close

knowing its truth

Sometimes silence

steals my happiness

leaving tears as footprints

on a dark trail

Sometimes silence

walks beside me

the lone friend

reassurance of all I am

Sometimes silence

leaves me stranded

bereft in thoughts

of who am I




Ph-Google Images

Leaving Today

She longed to see

tomorrow’s dreams

as today’s drifted

in winds of what was

further and further away

where not even a whisper

rustled gold turning leaves

not even faintest scent

trailed in air

her eyes turned

with her heart following suit

hoping moon dances of night

offered a glimpse

of what was to be




Picture from Google images–Moon wallpaper