He’s the

rugged of mountains

strength of thunder

force of rolling seas

capturing me

like a maiden

needing rescue

protecting me

like a treasure

for all ages






Pink Girl

pink girl

Pink Girl

As soon as she entered his life, he called her his Pink Girl. There was something about her and pink that went together so well. And she wore it like it was hers and hers alone. Blush pink, dark pink, polka dot pink, streaked pink. It absolutely swirled his mind like cotton candy being fluffed around a cone.

He sighed in her sweetness, the delicate, sugary taste of her kiss melting on his tongue. His hands coveted rose petal soft skin tinged with warm flush of passion in afternoon sun. His heart erratically beat trying to find a rhythm matching the beauty before him. Never was there enough of her.

Falling deeper and deeper, he blissfully sank into her clouds, carried away to castle kingdoms where pink gardens held her fragrance while he held the perfect bloom.




(I saw a prompt today for Pink Girl on Twitter for #WrittenRiver.  I have so many ideas running around my head with this one, but I decided to just start with this in a quick write. It is just a snippet. Interested to see what you think as this varies a bit from my usual poetry.  I wonder if it has any potential…Always welcome your comments and thoughts 💗)

I Am The Story


I am the story

in your eyes

open before you today

as you search

for tomorrow

you read each line and word

linger in the details

roll and tumble in the turmoil

touch the tenderness

kiss the nuances

ride the winding path

dance in the every day

turn the pages slowly

devour their message completely

absorb every blot of ink

with everything you are

until at last

sated with my ending