Wishing Just Once Again

Never Again

She stood there

eyes locked on his

brilliant light

of another life

rumbling memories

of once upon a time


of nights long disappeared

sighing sounds

of love breaths

put to rest

perfumed scent

of what he could never

have again









Becoming One



for masculine skin

pressed against hers

connection of

what’s mine is yours

melding two bodies

into one breath

tying racing heartbeats

into one steady rhythm

meshing his and her moans

into one love song

separate lines

becoming one poem




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Take Me to the Limit


If you could take me

to the limit

how high would we soar?

Would wings fly us

over days needing to be

abandoned, left behind

in ashes?

Would clouds float us

through rivers of sorrow

into waterfalls gushing pure, crystal joy?

Would you hands become

saviors of my flesh

climbing with me

until we fall 

into ecstasy’s sudden sighs

catapulting into star highways

of divine pleasure?

If you could take me

to the limit

how high would be soar?