In Dark Places

I find us

I find an “us” in dark places

beneath shadows of right

under beds white with morals

hidden behind rules

neatly hanging

across from judgement’s eyes

below sun’s righteousness

glaring much too bright

atop Hell’s dashboard

in full view of wickedness

two willing bodies

clad only in nefarious desires

of our own immorality





Rock Me Punk


I heard your hands

begged them


play your bare, raw notes

where none exist

on my nakedness

create impure riffs

inciting shivers

I cannot control

make me ache

and rock along

sliding under

your tawdry punk beat

bucking with

your delinquent rhythm

my high notes

hitting your low notes

slams of coked stanzas

blowing my mind

blare your sounds

ripping my senses

from my skin

until nothing is left

of me




(Today is my birthday , and I just wanted to rock it the way I know best.  I am what I am, and this kind of writing just makes me happy. )

Impatient for the Danger of You

via Daily Prompt: Premonition

Feeling of you


in sultry darkness

woodsy masculine scent

faintly wafting ’round me

soft footsteps

sending shivers

along my skin

body already sensing

the dangerous choreography of

your hands and lips

fearful anticipation of your hunt

and dark needs

weakening me

as I quiver

with impatience



Ph-Steve K Fine Art America