Wanting Her

Her naked truth

stopped me

in my tracks

raw femininity

emanating beauty

begging for touch


Unconscious of it herself

she stood demure

while my conscience

electrified every nerve ending

of manhood


I wanted all of her

mind, body, and soul



February 2019

Ph- Asthetics

Secrets Never Silent


Secrets of the dark

silenced in sighs

muffled in moans


only to tease

mind and body

hidden sins

bared in blackness

defined by bodies

wrapping around carnal ache

thrusts and throes

searching a cure

fevers running high

lust pulsing through veins

hushed passion

wild with need

climbing fervently

deep inside erotic walls

rushing to the peak

screaming in salacious euphoria


no longer silent

in the dark


©MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda

November 2018


(Originally posted on Go Dog Go Cafe)

Just A Wicked Night

Winds howled

in night’s sinful hands

corrupt love

danced without remorse

devilish eyes

tethered him

her female form


in nudity and power

bodies worshipped

in unholy freedom

nothing sacred

in lust’s dark

wicked chill

of her unrighteous moans

heightened his pleasure

with every thrust

until licentious euphoria

grabbed his soul

screams of final pleasure

last echoes of the night



November 2018

Ph-Google Images

(Written for the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge using the words “wicked chill”)