Holding On

She held

between her fingers

endless longing

for days of roses

and sun-kissed love

sweet wine

on hilltops

beneath guardian shade trees

laughter and tickle fights

on the homemade quilt

near the lake

whispers between two

in the darkness of togetherness



January 2019

Ph-Eris Janek

Every Piece


She clings to every

fragment of him

like they are arms

that can scoop her up

hold her together

although she feels

shattered and scattered…

Each piece of him screams

write me now

and I’ll always be there

never far away

and you can read me

back into your heart

any time

any day

and maybe each word of me

can hug your heart

heal the broken

even if just for a moment



Silenced Dream

You were my Midsummer’s Night Dream

from the first night on the picnic table

where you ravaged me into a daze

then took me home to your place

and did more of the same

and like a gentleman drove me home

making sure I was safe

Thus began a dream of many days and nights

summer through fall through winter and spring

and then reality crept its fingers

too far into the Night Dream

and we awoke with tears

washing our happiness into a treasured chest

of our own to secure forever

Never would it be shouted to the world

or heralded anywhere but in our hearts

This Midsummer’s Night Dream


when we both wanted to sing



pic from Pickcute.com
pic from Pickcute.com