Meddling Intrusion

via Daily Prompt: Meddle


Oh how you meddle into

my thoughts

my heart

my inner secret places

and you wind at leisure

with sly grin

tempting eyes

an unrelenting lure

power over me

I cannot control

and somehow

I let you continue

and revel in

the intrusion







Strings of Me

via Daily Prompt: Yarn


You cannot weave me

    into what you want

Hell I can’t even weave myself

    into what I want

Because I’m not sure

    what that is

I am not a pattern

    with precise directions

Nor a nicely laid out

    perfect design

I am more multi-colored strings

    criss crossed randomly

    with high and low points

    twisted pieces

    wound too tightly

    that when pulled too far

    simply unravel

I am yarn that begins one color

    and changes as I wrap

    around and around

    trying to design my life

But maybe I need not design it


    I let life design me



Territory of My Mind

via Daily Prompt: Territory


I love to wander

a territory all mine

it’s no one else’s land

entrance banned

from all outsiders




no horizons

no end

A place

I can run, hide, or seek

I  laze in sun

or weep in cloudy gray

I plod steadily along

with heavy feet

or skip with light heart

This land is mine to own

sometimes it owns me

 a saving grace

or a graceful fall

it doesn’t matter

it’s the only thing

that is all mine




Multi-colored Me

via Daily Prompt: Abstract



I am an abstract of multi-colored feelings.  Once I breathe in the morning, my mind runs after my heart full speed.  They want to play together but too often fight.  The two swirl my colors, splashing and mixing them without permission.  Me, dizzy, wondering if all will turn out beautiful or clash in torturous ugliness.  Who chooses the colors is a daily battle sometimes playful, sometimes cruel.  I never know by end of day if I’ll be worthy of hanging on someone’s wall.