Follow My Roads


I am a journey

unending roads

of things you don’t know

but want to

continuous wonder

winding through worlds

you always dreamed of

yet never dared follow

a walk along sensuality

where no one

ever took your hand

endless surprises

of honest, real woman

found only 

in those with pure heart

limitless moments

of depth

you’ve never fallen to

and infinitely

simple, bare truth and love

only few

chase and capture



Ph- Trudy Good


Between No One and Everyone

Female youth sleeping outdoors

There’s a place I lie


no one and everyone

eyes don’t see me

hearts hear my thunder

hands can’t feel me

minds crave my thoughts

souls wander

in and out

searching the grace of affection


remain still


no one can have me





Thank You!


I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I am to see this on my comment feed.  Each and every one of you who followed me has my most humble thanks and gratitude.  Never did I think this blog would amount to much in such a huge world of fantastic writers and authors.  I am a mere peon in this social media sphere, but it has become a home where I feel more and more comfortable.  The inspiring people I have met through WordPress and connected with have done more for me as a writer than they will ever know.  Being invited to the as a Barista has been an experience to grow, collaborate, and discuss being a writer, and I am forever grateful to each person involved in the site. Come visit!

I appreciate all you offer me in your likes and comments.  I’ll be updating this blog at some point, and you will all know a little bit more about who I really am.  Please keep coming around my friends!

Loves and hugs,

Midwest Fantasy