Taking Untraditonal’s Hand




rings not in my vocabulary

it lays dormant

cast aside my life

because it strangled me

tried to shake me into

a perfect puppet

bobbing along

doing what good girls do

the way you’re supposed to do life

but I let Untraditional

take my hand

bring me into the woods

where sinful creatures

galavant in sheer joy

at the freedom of

let’s do it the way we want

and I felt at home





I’m Back

I took a little break this past holiday weekend and have to say it felt good.  Even though writing is what makes me alive, my best girlfriends do so even more.  Four of us, from all different places, became friends in a new neighborhood, and oh the stories we could tell (but won’t for the most part). One by one 3 of them moved away, and I was left here without them.  That’s actually when I began writing–easing the loneliness.

Anyway, this past weekend we were all together for the first time in 7 years.  The old me came back, and we fell right into what we had always had together.  The amount of beer, wine, vodka, shenanigans, laughs and cries was worth every second of being away from writing.

I am now back to the old neighborhood with my cat beside me on the couch ready to slay some ink again.  Hope you are all still with me!! And I’ll try to catch up with you all.

Smiles and hugs!

Oh the Sinning…

via Daily Prompt: Commit


Oh the sins

and other bad shit

I commit

as I sit here

topless on my deck

writing and drinking a mojito


Sin #1 for the day:

–Nudity in the neighborhood

Sin #2:

–Day drinking

Sin #3:

–Not giving a shit that I’m committing sins

It’s a good Saturday!

And I feel more sins stirring

as the day is early…




Pic courtesy of Moorea Beach Club, Las Vegas