Invisible Crown


I was no princess

but you gave me 

an invisible crown

and suddenly

I was 

someone’s important

someone’s cherished thought

someone’s day and night

someone’s everything

I felt the role

wore it proudly

humbled and honored

by your gesture

readjusting the fit

every day

to be

the best me

for you




Thank You!


I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I am to see this on my comment feed.  Each and every one of you who followed me has my most humble thanks and gratitude.  Never did I think this blog would amount to much in such a huge world of fantastic writers and authors.  I am a mere peon in this social media sphere, but it has become a home where I feel more and more comfortable.  The inspiring people I have met through WordPress and connected with have done more for me as a writer than they will ever know.  Being invited to the as a Barista has been an experience to grow, collaborate, and discuss being a writer, and I am forever grateful to each person involved in the site. Come visit!

I appreciate all you offer me in your likes and comments.  I’ll be updating this blog at some point, and you will all know a little bit more about who I really am.  Please keep coming around my friends!

Loves and hugs,

Midwest Fantasy

Anything is Possible


Happy 2018 my readers and friends.  My apologies for being a bit absent from this blog in the last few months.  I never felt much I was writing was worthy of this page.  And…life was busy, and I lost a bit of mojo.

I’m going to try in this new year to be more diligent in my writing and more organized.  With so many media sites, I tend to lose one along the way and not give it the deserved attention.  We all have different audiences depending on the sites we use, and I feel a  connection and duty to each. 

This being said, I hope you welcome me back and continue to read.  You all are important to me and this journey to wherever I am going!  There are definitely things I want to accomplish, and this blog is a part of that. 

Your writer friend,

Midwest Fantasy (Beth Amanda)






Letter to My Poet

This poem was written for a writing prompt on Twitter and based on the title of my dear friend Entirety J. Roberts‘ first published book of poetry “Dear Poet- A Book of Uncommon Prayers.” It is a must read book of her heart and soul which helped lead me to this poem.



Dear Poet,

You captured me

extracted words

from marrow of my bones

sucked ink

from barely pumping veins

poured it all

onto a page

and blessed me

with the honor

of becoming one

with you