Freedom on a Page

Female hands writing on notebook

It was poetry

who taught my heart

she is freedom

on a page


in ink strokes


in short lines

dreams, fears,

loneliness, happiness

heartache, heart swells

any emotion

any time

arranged by only me

my way 

without rules

most of all

she taught me

I am free be me



Ph-Aspire Magazine

Rock Me Punk


I heard your hands

begged them


play your bare, raw notes

where none exist

on my nakedness

create impure riffs

inciting shivers

I cannot control

make me ache

and rock along

sliding under

your tawdry punk beat

bucking with

your delinquent rhythm

my high notes

hitting your low notes

slams of coked stanzas

blowing my mind

blare your sounds

ripping my senses

from my skin

until nothing is left

of me




(Today is my birthday , and I just wanted to rock it the way I know best.  I am what I am, and this kind of writing just makes me happy. )

No Religion

no religion

Born to no religion

I create my own

faith in my pen

prayers to imagination

I worship

the human body and soul

entities never to be

fully understood

or loved enough

and in this

I find myself



Painting-Fine Art America by Guy Viner





Pearl in Lace Dreams

pearl and lace

He watched her shimmer

a pearl in moonlight’s kiss

draped in lace dreams

vision of unearthly beauty

radiant as a sonnet

spoken in hushed tones

a woman whose soul

he craved to touch

with his own