Delivery of Passion

via Daily Prompt: Delivery

passion deliver

How can you deliver passion?

It comes not in a box

Something to present

You cannot buy it

For it isn’t an object

Oh there are objects

And boxes filled with goodies

But those are not actual passion

Passion must seep from within

Be given to another

Through every one of the senses

None left out

It must burn

In order to pass the fire on

And be felt by another in the same intensity

Passion is not delivered

But smelled, felt, seen, heard, tasted

The abstract noun of love

Given freely, unabashedly

With no thank you note needed





Primal Passion


Primal urges

ruling our night

my coquettish tease

weakening your strong reserve

hands stripping bare

skin screaming with hot need

salacious mouths and tongues

devouring each other

feeding the fevered hunger

slippery soaked bodies

finally spent and satisfied

leaving in our path

smoke and charred roses

of searing passion



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