Take Me to the Limit


If you could take me

to the limit

how high would we soar?

Would wings fly us

over days needing to be

abandoned, left behind

in ashes?

Would clouds float us

through rivers of sorrow

into waterfalls gushing pure, crystal joy?

Would you hands become

saviors of my flesh

climbing with me

until we fall 

into ecstasy’s sudden sighs

catapulting into star highways

of divine pleasure?

If you could take me

to the limit

how high would be soar?





Purity Be Damned

purity be damned

He was everything wicked

she needed

the raw


the real

ravaging her

with chills and thrills


indecent, sinful pleasures

amoral acts

with shameless lips and tongue

driving the righteousness

of her soul

into Hell’s flames

where she

squirmed and screamed

in the relished release

of purity

embracing the burn

of impiousness

with pulsing orgasms

of profane ecstasy

while the devil


and hid his eyes