His Wings

his wings 1


He set me gently

upon his wings…

Climb aboard

he says

We shall ride

into sunsets of summer

where souls fly free

and night’s fingers

hug your skin

with gentle promises

of better tomorrows




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Do You Wish It Was Me

Do you wish

Do you wish it was me

breathing softly

on your neck

content in the feeling of two


Do you wish it was me

lying on your chest

heartbeat to heartbeat

bared for each other


Do you wish it was me

eyes dancing with yours

tangled in a tango

only we can perform


Do you wish it was me

kissing your lips

telling stories of love

with strokes soft and strong


Do you wish it was me

holding your dreams

those only whispered

for my heart to hear


Do you wish it was me

forever and ever

because my wish

would then come true





No Religion

no religion

Born to no religion

I create my own

faith in my pen

prayers to imagination

I worship

the human body and soul

entities never to be

fully understood

or loved enough

and in this

I find myself



Painting-Fine Art America by Guy Viner





Pearl in Lace Dreams

pearl and lace

He watched her shimmer

a pearl in moonlight’s kiss

draped in lace dreams

vision of unearthly beauty

radiant as a sonnet

spoken in hushed tones

a woman whose soul

he craved to touch

with his own