What Would It Say?

via Daily Prompt: Label

swings couple

I asked 

if he had to label me

so others understood

what would the label say?

He said it would read,

“Here lies a world

where flowers dance

to music of sunstorms

where dreams float unhurried

in ships unsailed before

where passion sensually speaks 

across skin begging for poetry

where reality touches

what you always believed unreal.”




World of Bare Flesh

via Daily Prompt: Murmuration


Breathless she lay

swept into worlds

where nothing mattered

except the bare flesh

between her and him

world of hungry lips and fingertips

slow caresses and nibbles

trails of tongue

searing senses

smoldering burn

gnawing in her core

murmurations of deep sensual pleasure

rousing the poetry of her body

to write itself into a frenzy

and break beautifully

in the secret deep of night’s arms





Multi-colored Me

via Daily Prompt: Abstract



I am an abstract of multi-colored feelings.  Once I breathe in the morning, my mind runs after my heart full speed.  They want to play together but too often fight.  The two swirl my colors, splashing and mixing them without permission.  Me, dizzy, wondering if all will turn out beautiful or clash in torturous ugliness.  Who chooses the colors is a daily battle sometimes playful, sometimes cruel.  I never know by end of day if I’ll be worthy of hanging on someone’s wall.



Pic- feelgrafix.com